Infinity: The Ultimate Massage Experience


About Us

Infinity Massage Chairs has a long-standing record of commitment to excellence. Located on the coast of New Hampshire’s beautiful landscape, health and wellness is ingrained in our company’s mantra. Our extraordinary success is a result of our devotion to improving peoples lives, and is powered by a management team with over 60 years combined experience in product design, manufacturing, and supply chain logistics. Our executive team is intimately involved from product to inception to market release, while our 100+ employees make up our quality control team (that’s right — our employees are required to get at least two massages weekly!). Infinity has multiple distribution centers across the country to offer efficient, stress-free drop shipping to your customers.

We stand by our chairs — even when we’re sitting on them

Each Infinity massage chair is the result of months of engineering and innovation, so we know our chairs are amazing and we believe in the quality of their performance.

We never stop improving

We are the leader of new technology and have introduced cutting-edge features like reflexology, space-saving mechanisms, 3D/4D massage, and inversion therapy — with many more to come.

We don’t believe in single solutions

Over the years, we’ve engineered a wide variety of chair models to fit a range of lifestyles, body types, and wellness goals. We offer simplified “quick start” guides, video tutorials, and friend phone support.

We live wellness

To truly promote wellness, we believe it needs to be part of our culture. We prioritize maintaining a happy and relaxed environment among our team members and use our massage chairs to ensure it stays that way. We know that a healthy culture not only benefits employees, but improves the company overall.