Prelude™ Massage Chair



The Infinity Prelude’s intuitive design and sleek style not only looks incredible but feels incredible too, infinity chair massage. It delivers 4 different choreographed massage techniques and delivers a therapeutic massage from head-to-toe.
The Prelude starts with the The TrueFit™ Body Scanning feature to help customize the massage experience for each user. Featuring a 4-Node traveling back mechanism, the Prelude delivers shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and knocking massage techniques as it travels down the length of your spine. The Near Flat Reclining S-Track feature allows the user to get the ultimate in back relief with Decompression Stretch and Weightless Zero Gravity Recline while the soothing lumbar heat loosens sore muscles. The Prelude comes with 6 Auto Programs like Full Body, Recover and Focus. Or take control with the Full Manual Mode which allows the user to customize the massage to specific areas of the body and adjust the Air Massage Intensity as well. With Air Compression Therapy throughout the chair, your whole body will be rejuvenated.
The Prelude is a great way to integrate therapeutic massage into your self care routine in the comfort of home. No spa appointment needed.

Infinity Prelude Massage Chair

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