Infinity Riage® 4D Massage Chair



The Infinity Riage® 4D Reclining massage chair is designed with the latest technology. The sophisticated 4D back mechanism will make you feel like you’re receiving a massage from a professional massage therapist. The Riage 4D is appointed with luxurious materials and a high end fit and finish found on all Infinity massage chairs yet it’s remarkably affordable.
The 4D Back Mechanism mimics the movement of human hands plus allows the user to adjust the width, length, and Intensity for a more personalized massage. Enhance your massage by turning on the lumbar heat to loosening muscles and ease tension in the lower back. Need a foot massage? The foot reflexology rollers and calf rollers give much needed relief from being on your feet all day. What makes the Riage 4D unique is its Premium Intersound™ Bluetooth® speakers, which allow you to listen to SoothMe™ Nature Sound Therapy programs for true relaxation. With Zero Wall Fit™ Technology, you don’t have to worry about hitting objects behind the chair as you unwind into Weightless Zero Gravity recline.
The Infinity Riage® 4D will make your muscles feel relieved and rejuvenated from head to toe, giving you the first-class feeling that you deserve. Ascend into your happy place with massage everyday.

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Infinity Dynasty 4D Massage Chair

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