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  • 2D Massage Mechanism
  • L-Track
  • Zero Gravity Reclining
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy
  • Specialized Foot Massage
  • Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers
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    Adjustable Shoulders

    The TP-Alpha is equipped with adjustable shoulders that allow you to change the width from narrow to wide (22” to 17”) Massage chair for Home.

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - Back Pad Pillow

    Back Pad Pillow

    The head pillow folds open and transforms into a full back pad, reducing it to a medium intensity. Simply unfold by separating the Velcro that keeps the pillow folded. Gently separate and let the pillow drape down to a full-size back pad as shown on the right.

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - L-Track Massage Technology

    L-Track Massage Technology

    As the roller system massages into the neck area, it continues through to the lower back and then proceeds to massage the glutes and to the top of the hamstrings. The L shaped track has a total range of 50” with a maximum height of 6”4’ and max weight capacity of 235 lbs.

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - Computer Body Scanning System

    Computer Body Scanning System

    When activating the chair, it will initiate a computer body scan that will roll from top to bottom, to measure the key areas of the back and to measure your height. This allows for the chair to deliver a highly effective massage with a consistent pressure throughout course of the pre-set program. Before the body scan starts it is recommended that you comfortably position yourself where your back is completely pressed against the backrest for an accurate reading.

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - 2 Stage Zero Gravity

    2 Stage Zero Gravity

    Inspired by NASA technology, the Zero Gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort. When reclined into the zero gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage. There are 2 stages of zero gravity, the 2nd being more reclined, to where your legs are higher than your heart level.

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - Dual Action Foot Rollers

    Dual Action Foot Rollers

    Located at the bottom of the foot massager are 2 different types of Massage enhancements. The 1st is a roller that spins with bumps on the outer part of the wheel, to mimic the feel of thumbs pressing on to bridge or balls of the feet. The 2nd action is the forward and back motion, where the rounded points move front and back scraping the bridge and heels of the feet. With the airbag compression, you are getting 3 different types of massage at one time. The speed of the rollers can be adjusted to 3 different speeds.

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - Space Saving
    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - New Ergonomic Straight Arm Massage Design

    New Ergonomic Straight Arm Massage Design

    Simply slide your arms and hands into the side panel cavity. With the unibody upper body construction, the arms massager will stay in the same position, regardless if you recline or raise the backrest. The straight arm position allows you to fully relax the arms, allowing you to freely drop the arms to your side in a very natural manner.

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - 6 Pre-set Massage Programs

    6 Pre-set Massage Programs

    There are 6 different pre-set massage programs.

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - Store Your Favorite Massage & LCD Monitor

    Store Your Favorite Massage & LCD Monitor

    Store up to 2 different massage programs. Select the massage functions you most enjoy and activate the chair. Moreover, Once the chair begins to perform the your selections, press the M1 or M2 button to store it into the chair’s memory. The next time you get in to the chair save time from having to reprogram it and simply press the massage stored in to its memory. This Remote control has been thoughtfully designed to fit in the palm of a hand, easy to hold and operate. The easy to see LCD screen displays what part of the chair’s features are activated and where the massage heads are located. It indicates the remaining time of the massage with the intensity meter of the airbags and speed of the massage heads.

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - Lumbar Heated Back Pad

    Lumbar Heated Back Pad

    On each side of the lower lumbar area are individual heating pads. The heat therapy is a great compliment to the back massage. Heating the body’s temperature is known increase blood circulation and loosen tense muscles. The heating pad is not intended to exceed more than 30 minutes of usage per day.

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - Side Panel Control

    Side Panel Control

    The Titan Alpha take convenience to a new level. No more fussing with the remote to operate the most vital commands of the chair! Located on the top of the side panel, we have installed 5 buttons that control the recline and the largest, along with a pause feature that stops the chair from all functions. Massage chair for home

    Titan Pro Alpha 2D Massage Chair - Bluetooth System with Speakers

    Bluetooth System with Speakers

    The Titan Alpha is equipped bluetooth technology, allowing the user to listen to their favorite songs. And answer calls on high quality speakers located on the headrest. The sound is localized and directed to concentrate the sound towards the user of the chair. This will reduce the audio levels around its environment.


    Titan Pro Alpha Dimension Upright
    Titan Pro Alpha Dimension Reclined

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